I Am In The Race is the fifteenth episode in season 1


I Am In The RaceEdit

-Winnie said he is 6 years old and he weights 28 pounds

-The announcer said that Winnie is small

-Winnie invited the baby and Mr. Doodles

-The crowds said Winnie's name five times

-Winnie punched the crowds in this video

-Mr. Doodles and the baby want to be in the race

-Winnie threw up in this video

-The announcer told Winnie not to say I love you


-Winnie invited the baby and Mr. Doodles in the race but in the next day,they weren't in the race

-When Winnie is shaking,the line "I love you" on his heart disappeared

-In some scenes,Winnie's ears disappeared side to side

-The lights went out before Winnie hit the crowds

-When Winnie is racing,the tag on his butt is missing

-Winnie shouldn't race when he is 6 years old

-In one scene at the race,one of Winnie's eye is missing