I Am Your Babysitter is the twenty-ninth episode in season 1

Characters:Jimmy,Love,Mr. Hanger

I Am Your BabysitterEdit

-Jimmy sounded like a girl when he doesn't want Mr. Hanger to call the police

-Love and Jimmy were acting crazy then they were watching T.V.

-Mr. Hanger landed on Jimmy and Love

-Jimmy wasn't going to bed

-Love said you're welcome in a different language

-Mr. Hanger got arrested by the police

-Jimmy landed on Mr. Hanger

-Love punched Mr. Hanger in this video

-Mr. Hanger called Love a boy


-When Jimmy said "I smell that you were about to call the police.",he said smell instead of hear

-Love carried Jimmy and Mr. Hanger even though she shouted "Jimmy!"

-A hitting sound cannot be heard when Mr. Hanger hit Love

-Mr. Hanger appeared before Love open the door