I Can Hold My Breath is the fifth episode in season 3


I Can Hold My BreathEdit

-Winnie tried to hold his breath and his pee for 5 hours

-The crowds shouted Winnie's name in french

-Winnie was getting the phone

-The crowds were nice to Winnie

-Winnie was jumping in this video

-The crowds were cleaning up the mess

-Winnie was peeing a lot

-The crowds punched Winnie


-After the phone started to ring,Winnie exhale which he was supposed to lose but he keeps holding his breath

-Winnie said that he will pee a lot in the next video but in the next video,he wasn't peeing a lot

-The hand let go of the pin that was pinned on Winnie's bottom twice

-Winnie was breathing but he wasn't supposed to breathe