I Push The Button is the fourteenth episode in season 2

Characters:Winnie,Space Mickey

I Push The ButtonEdit

-Winnie said eyeballs and bleh four times instead of strange

-Space Mickey press Winnie's button

-Winnie burped in this video

-Space Mickey was running toward Winnie

-Winnie punch Space Mickey

-Space Mickey didn't cover his mouth

-Winnie and Space Mickey are going top of each other

-Space Mickey was using the bathroom


-Space Mickey said he will be with Jimmy but in the next video,he wasn't seen with Jimmy

-Romanian Karate Man said that Winnie called him a girl but Winnie did not call him that

-That would be impossible if Romanian Karate Man hear that Winnie called him a girl

-Every time Space Mickey is about to throw up,he did not cover his mouth

-After Space Mickey was wiping the ground,one of the dot disappeared

-Winnie said that Space Mickey called him a butt but he didn't

-The second time Winnie said "Button.",Space Mickey said it

-When Space Mickey is running,he appeared to be sitting