Meet Romanian Karate Man is the thirteenth episode in season 1

Characters:Romanian Karate Man,Winnie,Love

Meet Romanian Karate ManEdit

-Romanian Karate Man first threw up in this video

-Winnie met Romanian Karate Man

-Love called Romanian Karate Man a stinky head

-Romanian Karate Man said he is eviler

-Winnie was going in the kitchen

-Love sounded like a man

-Romanian Karate Man can whistle

-Winnie made Romanian Karate Man throw up

-Love was behind Winnie in this video


-Romanian Karate Man hit Love and Winnie but Winnie didn't call him Japanese the first time

-Love and Winnie were fighting each other even though they're in the same team

-In one scene,Love's ears,nose,hands and feet are maroon

-The announcer says two person instead of two people