I Thought You Like PizzaEdit

   Jimmy ate something and tell Mr. Comb what it taste like. He answered bagel but Jimmy wants to know what kind of bagel. Mr. Comb said whipped cream but Jimmy liked it and said it wasn't whipped cream. Then Mr. Comb answered pepperoni but Jimmy was asking him what pepperoni goes on. Then he said it goes on the food that starts with a P and he is allergic to it. Mr. Comb answered poop and Jimmy said it's pizza then he heard Mr. Comb burp.

We Want To Buy PizzaEdit

   Winnie saw the French pizza store and Jimmy didn't want to go there. The crowds want to go there and Winnie go back to the French pizza store. Winnie ordered bread and 8 slices of pizza. Jimmy and Winnie ate the French food together but Jimmy was wanted for bread. Then they were done eating but they felt sick and threw up a lot.