Star Has A Boyfriend is the twenty-second episode in season 2

Characters:Romanian Karate Man,Love,Star

Star Has A BoyfriendEdit

-Romanian Karate Man and the girls are using the bathroom

-Love and Romanian Karate Man are teasing Star

-Star said she has a boyfriend then she doesn't

-Romanian Karate Man and Love are making a distraction

-Love teased Star looking silly

-Star teased Romanian Karate Man

-Romanian Karate Man hit the screen

-Love felt mad when she farted

-Star punch Love toward the screen


-Star said she have a boyfriend but in the bathroom,she said she doesn't

-Romanian Karate Man fell while he and Love are singing and dancing

-When Love is farting,she floated in the wrong direction

-Star's boyfriend name is Mickey but she said his name is Marty