The Clowns Are Here is the thirty-first episode in season 1


The Clowns Are HereEdit

-Winnie said he and Star are not gonna be funny

-Star has to go to the bathroom then she isn't

-Winnie was holding Star in this video

-Star said cereals don't fart

-Winnie look Chinese when he said "Hi guys"

-Star was teasing Winnie

-Winnie told the crowds to be quiet

-Star was bouncing to the bathroom


-The first time Winnie felt mad when someone touched him,he laughed

-Star has to go to the bathroom but in the next scene,she doesn't

-Winnie said cushers instead of whoopee cushions

-Star said Winnie touched her but Winnie touched the bowl

-Winnie can hold Star even though she is very heavy

-In one scene,Star's mouth disappeared

-When Star said "I did it!",she sounded like a boy

-While Winnie is laughing in one part,Star disappeared