You Caught Me is the fortieth episode in season 2

Characters:Space Mickey,Love,Star

You Caught MeEdit

-Space Mickey was making an invention to trick Love and Star

-Love landed upside down safely

-Star saw Space Mickey behind her

-Space Mickey saw Mickey lying down

-Love saw Winnie jumping

-Star was mad at the crowds

-Space Mickey took off his pants

-Love shouted Space Mickey's name

-Star sounded silly when she jumped

-Winnie and Mickey appeared in this video


-When Love is teasing Space Mickey,her eyes are not seen and she looked Chinese,not Japanese

-The black parts in Space Mickey's glove is gone when Space Mickey is about to kick Love

-Space Mickey said he does not know what an accelerator is even though he explained it

-Star is falling backwards and let Love fall first even though she has to land first

-Space Mickey peed on the crowds even though he is wearing an underwear

-The button on Space Mickey disappeared after Love landed on him