You Keep On Fighting is the thirty-sixth episode in season 1

Characters:Romanian Karate Man,Mickey,Star

You Keep On FightingEdit

-Romanian Karate Man said he will put up a sign over the world

-Mickey said he is at work

-Star told Romanian Karate Man to be quiet

-Romanian Karate Man called Star a gorilla

-Mickey was sad then he was mad

-Star was making a distraction

-Romanian Karate Man and Star were fighting

-Mickey said he forgot his lunchbox

-Star's fur can be seen

-Love,Winnie and Jimmy appeared in this video


-Romanian Karate Man and Star are still here but when Mickey is about to get slapped,they are gone

-In some scenes,Romanian Karate Man had his shirt backwards but he didn't know

-Star's fur can be seen when Mickey said "Healthy Mickey!" the first time

-While the phone rings,Star is holding her nose then she isn't

-Star said "And lovely bear!" instead of "A lovely bear!"